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About Our Strains

Each Moon Flower strain features its own set of terpenes, effects, and benefits! Check them out.


Citron Lights

This hybrid strain produces a balanced effect, providing full-body relaxation & cerebral stimulation. Tastes & smells like fresh-squeezed lemonade on the sunniest day.


Zombie Kush

This strain creates a clear and collected mind while stimulating euphoric vibes. Tastes & smells like hiking through a pine forest on a misty morning.


Mad Dog 2020

This strain is known for its potent, pungent, & putrid smell. Carrying heavy CBG content, it is known to reduce pain & inflammation, while also improving sleep.


Pink Panther

This strain is known to mellow the mind and spark creativity. Smells like a bed of your favorite flowers and tastes likefresh blackberries.


Blackberry Gleaux

This limited strain is known for its absolutely insane relaxation effects caused by an extremely rich terpene profile. Smells blackberry cobbler & tastes like cinnamon cookies.

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