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Senate Bill 546

We Need Your Voices

Senate Bill 546 will make Delta-8 THC a schedule 1 narcotic, alongside of heroin, methaqualone, LSD, and peyote.

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Copy and Paste this email to your local WV Senate Representatives
Subject: Regarding SB546

Categorizing Delta 8 and Delta 10 as Schedule I Drugs is a step in the wrong direction. Instead, implement regulations such as: age limit, clean extraction methods, COAs on all products, childproof packaging, etc. By illegalizing these highly beneficial cannabinoids, you will devastate West Virginia native hemp companies and farms who dedicate their livelihoods to producing and providing relief to those around them. Many West Virginians cannot afford, or do not have access to, the medical marijuana program in our state. Continued access to these products is essential. 


Thank you,

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