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Day Trips to Pair with Our Products

The best way to have the optimal result with our products is being strategic about what you do while/after you take them. You wouldn't want to eat a Moon Pop then have to go type emails (or maybe you would 😆)...but it would be much more fun to eat a Moon Pop then go take a scenic train ride!

Buckhannon, AKA the heart of the Moon Flower HQ, is surrounded by scenic sights, fantastic food, and small businesses galore! We've put together the ~ultimate~ list of day trips that pair perfectly with our Moon Products! So sit back, read on, and start planning your trip to our storefront and beyond!

FAIRMONT - Valley Falls Hike + Dairy Creme Corner 🍦

Distance from Moon Flower: 53 minutes

Product Recommendations: Cakeberry Brûlée Preroll, 10mg D9 Gummies

MORGANTOWN - Cooper's Rock Hike + Dinner at The Lakehouse

Distance from Moon Flower: 1 hour 8 minutes

Product Recommendations: D9 Moon Pop, 25mg CBD Gummies

CLARKSBURG - Munchies at the Food Court + Movie

Distance from Moon Flower: 41 minutes

Product Recommendations: 20mg D9 Gummies, 5mg D9 Moon Tarts, Focus Vape Pen

BUCKHANNON - Lunch at Fish Hawk Acres + Swimming at Audra State Park

Distance from Moon Flower: Walking distance +

22 minute drive to Audra

Product Recommendations: 5mg D9 Gummies, Sour Space Candy Preroll

CHARLESTON - Shopping at The Capitol Market + Lunch at Pies & Pints

Distance from Moon Flower: 1 hour 45 minutes

Product Recommendations: 5mg D9 Rasta Refresher, Awake Vape Pen

ELKINS - Scenic Train Ride on Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad + Dinner at Smoke on the Water

Distance from Moon Flower: 30 minutes

Product Recommendations: 10mg Solar Strawberry Lemonade, CBD Moon Pop, Passion Vape Pen

DAVIS - Pizza at Sirianni's Pizza Cafe + Live Music at The Purple Fiddle

Distance from Moon Flower: 1 hour 15 minutes

Product Recommendations: 5mg D9 Cake Pop, 20mg D9 Gummies

PARSONS - Kayak Float at Blackwater Outdoor Adventures + Packed To-Go Lunch from Picnic in Thomas

Distance from Moon Flower: 1 hour 15 minutes

Product Recommendations: Frosted Grapes Preroll, Fruity Cereal Bar, Sunshine Sparkling Energy Water (from Moon Cooler)

SNOWSHOE - Scenic Chair Lift Ride + Lunch at The Boathouse

Distance from Moon Flower: 1 hour 36 minutes

Product Recommendations: Passion Vape Pen, 5mg D9 Gummies

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