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Life Is Bigger.

My sister has always been my go-to person for advice. I think that’s how sisters work. Throughout all the years of wisdom I’ve received from her, one line always seemed to stick. When we were teenagers, Riley and I started exchanging the phrase, “Life is bigger.”

Such a simple thing to say, yet it has offered me comfort in countless times of tribulation. Speaking to myself with words of affirmation, I always let it bring me solace in knowing that whatever I may be going through at the time, it is not nearly as big as life.

Life is packed full of so many ups and downs, there is no way that a time of trouble you’re going through is the ‘biggest’ thing you will experience. And though it may seem giant at the time, it is nothing compared to the grand scheme of your time on earth.

Things right now may be causing you pain and strife, but ultimately life is so much bigger than your issues at this moment. Don’t we all know how much can change in one year? Time will pass and life will show us a million things to be happy and sad about.

I didn’t realize how useful this phrase was until I experienced heartbreak. I believe this pain is universal. The heaviness on your chest, the upset stomach; It’s all the worst. But sometimes I would even say out loud to myself, “Life is so much bigger.” I knew the pain I was experiencing would only last for a while, and that, at the end of the day, it eventually will not cause me pain when I think about it. Life will show me so many things that over joy me.

You’ll find love again. Better love. You’ll find another job. An even better job. If you fail this chemistry test, you will still get your degree. Even if things in your life feel like the worst they’ve ever been, remember that life will bring around countless things that outweigh your pain. You’ll get to watch your friend get married. You’ll get to watch your daughter have your grandchildren. You’ll get to play the tooth-fairy for your kids. Maybe you’ve yet to even watch your favorite movie, or you’ve yet to hear your favorite song.

There is so much to look forward to, no matter where you are in life. The bad days are only bad days. You’ve got a million more good ones to come. Life is so much bigger.



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