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Moon Flower Gummies!

We absolutely love hearing what our customers have to say about our products. Daily, we receive awesome reviews and testimonials about how Moon Flower is impacting people’s lives. One thing that is for sure— our gummies are the product people love the most! Not only do they taste delicious, but they provide relief for such a wide variety of things in no time. We sell them in 10mg and 25mg servings, making dosing easier than ever. 

Moon Flower recently dropped Orange Cream Gummies, a brand new flavor that’s equally tasty. All of our gummies are made, perfected, and packaged by hand. We have always been adamant about sustainability and naturalness, so when we make our gummies, we decided to use ZERO artificial preservatives. This makes them so much healthier for your body! (Minus the sugar, of course).

Something that comes along with not using preservatives, unfortunately, is that it makes it almost impossible to keep the gummies from getting gooey and melty when left in the sun. We are actively looking for ways around this so that no one opens their package to see one giant gummy. If you live somewhere where the summers get very hot, we recommend getting the gummies out of your mailbox/off your porch as soon as you can! Many of our customers like to utilize their tracking code, or apps like “Shop” to get notifications when their Moon Flower package has been delivered. So the gummies can keep their perfect form, and you can experience all the much-needed relaxation and relief that they provide! 

Our gummies are flying off the shelf every day.  We couldn’t be more thankful for the members of our team that spend hours making them with love, and we are especially thankful for our customers that love them so much! You guys are awesome, and you make it all possible. If you haven’t given the Sour Blue Razz or the Orange Cream gummies a shot— we recommend it! 

PS: Our gummies are also gluten-free ;)

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