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My Daily Routine: Using CBD to Help Mental Health

Here is a rough outline of my day-to-day, if you were maybe wondering. Although life seems to always be a little messier than this, I wanted to try and describe how I implement CBD into my days to treat my anxiety using our “Mood Food” line.


In the mornings when I wake up is unfortunately when I feel my anxiety the worst. The best way I can describe it is the feeling you get in your stomach and chest when you’re about to present something in front of your class. That sickening feeling of nervousness and panic. The second I open my eyes, it’s like I need to gasp for air. I don’t even have time to think about what’s wrong, I am just already overcome with anxiousness. Because I have just woken up, I like to use the first Mood Food in the set, “Awake” to ensure the CBD tackles my anxiety. It also helps by providing my body with a terpene blend that awakes and refreshes my body and mind. After taking my personal dosage, I lay back down for a minute and breathe. I do meditative exercises to try and calm my nerves. Being mindful first thing in the morning starts my day off right. And by the time I’m up and around with my morning routine, the CBD has taken effect and my anxiety has diminished.


Obviously during the pandemic, my schedule has flipped between working at the office and working at home. Either way, something needs to be written or products need to be made. My mind runs a mile a minute thinking of everything on my “To Do” list. This is when I use my favorite of the Mood Food set, “Focus” to dial myself in. Before I begin any project, I take my personal dose of this tincture full of terpenes that alert and energize my brain. This one is my favorite because I find it the most effective in my life. As a college student, having the “Focus” on deck for any sort of studying is VITAL. I don’t know what I did before I had it. The taste is also super refreshing, it’s almost like chewing gum. The CBD helps to keep any of my worries at bay regarding the work I know I have to do.


After I get off work, and after I’m done with school, I notice it gets difficult for me to slow my mind down and divert my thoughts from the business of my day. When I get home, all I want to think about is being home. I want to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. I come through the door, take my bra off, and plop down on the couch. The best feeling. This is when I reach for the next Mood Food, of course, “Relax” to do just that. My priorities now include doing a few small things around the house, feeding myself, and watching something good on Netflix. When I take a dose of “Relax” the stresses of the day go away seamlessly. I’m breathing deep, my body doesn’t feel heavy, and I’ve got a smile on my face. This CBD tincture/terpene blend makes it so easy to do after-work tasks without them feeling like tasks at all. I find it easier to communicate with my loved ones, and I find it easier to do everything I need to do without overthinking it.


You guessed it. Everything is done, I’ve fed and watered myself, I’ve used the evening to clean, write, watch TV, and talk to my mom on the phone for an hour plus. It’s getting late and I light a candle beside my bed for my nightly ritual of worry. Lmao. Somehow my anxiety manages to creep into all parts of my day. That’s why I’ve been so thankful and loyal to these Mood Foods. There is one for every point I’m in need, CBD combined with the terpenes for maximum effectiveness. The final tincture, “Sleep” has shown the most success throughout the MoonFlower community. Not only does it help you fall asleep, but you’re sure to STAY ASLEEP. I used to be someone who used Melatonin on a nightly basis to help me get good rest. However, I always found that the next day was extra hard as the Melatonin managed to make me sleepy and groggy throughout the day. I couldn’t do it anymore. The “Sleep” tincture has helped me and so many others find a good night’s rest. Especially as someone who lays awake staring at the ceiling thinking of every possible bad thing— this one has been a life-changer. The best part? No next day grogginess. Slept too hard? Just use some “Awake” in the morning.

It’s a full-circle of help to life’s mental struggles. I know some of you may not be as bad off, and some of you might struggle so much more. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain— I empathize with you. I’ve found so much personal success using this line of products, as there is a go-to for all parts of your day. Even if you just need focus, just need sleep— Can I take both to focus on sleeping? Maybe. If any of these sound like something that may improve your day-to-day life, you should really give it a shot. Better days are waiting. CBD really does help a little bit of everything.

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