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Saying Goodbye to 2020

Today we say goodbye to the year that challenged many of us in immeasurable ways. We have taken the last couple days to reflect on this year. During the year of 2020 Macie and I have considered everything from “going off the grid” and starting our very own commune (which is still tempting and not off the table) to opening our own brewery (still might be on the table as well). Along with these considerations we have grown to be humans that appreciate other human interaction like never before. Never again will we go to a music festival and look around at hundreds of people and take for granted swaying to the music, with our arms wrapped around like-minded strangers. Never again will we take for granted being able to get a large table, with all of our friends, at our favorite Mexican restaurant and pass around each other’s margaritas “to try all the flavors”. Never again, will we take for granted the mere opportunity to travel and experience a new country. Our hearts will now recognize that the “normalcy” we felt before 2020 was special and full of life and interaction. We all have separate opinions on how this year could have gone, but we all have one thing in common—the way we crave to be around each other— isn’t that kind of beautiful?

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