I've suffered from insomnia for years. I get overly anxious every time I lay down to go to bed. Ever since I started taking your sleep tincture, I sleep all night.  I am truly amazed.   

--- Tammy

I had a migraine yesterday morning and took just one of your gummies and it went completely away!!  I have never experienced results like this even with my medication! I will definitely be buying more! Thank you.

--- Danny

Superb! I slept 9 hours last night and I also love the newest salve. It relieves the pain in my knee from scar tissue.

--- Nancy

My mom bought the 1500mg cinnamon. She loves it and said that it is very smooth and tastes good.

--- Missy

I came in with a very stiff neck and joints in around my injuries... Your salve did wonders. Amazing stuff.

--- Ed

I wanted to tell you... my dad has COPD and congestive heart failure and he's had some pretty severe episodes of fluid in his lungs and coughing from it. He doesn't rest well, so neither dos my mom (they're 76 and 77). I went up and took him some of your tea and fixed it for him. Within 10 min, no coughing! He got out of bed, ate dinner with us for a while! He drank 3 more cups while we were there and wants more!! 

--- Cheryl

I tried it the first night that I got it and I slept like a baby for about 3 hours that evening.

— Paul

I am really impressed, I didn't expect much because of the other stuff I've tried over the counter, but I was extremely amazed of the difference, thank you so much.

— Alex

Hi friends! I'm not only a WV hemp grower but I'm an everyday consumer of hemp. I have had hip pain since I was 16 due to hip dysplasia. This also causes my back and knees to hurt. I have had many injuries over the years broken bones etc so I feel the weather and every break in the winter especially. I'm also a mom of twins with aching back and sore muscles. You topical is great to help with all my aches and pains. I also have digestive issues and I have noticed that CBD oil helps relieve lit of the discomfort that comes with that. I also really enjoy your lip balm. It has the perfect consistency and a hint of mint I love! My family had recently got the head cold with chest congestion and we all got relief with your cold and Flu chest rub. I always applaud companies for being environmentally friendly and sustainable so thank you for respecting our beautiful planet with biodegradable packaging and low use of plastics for your products! I recommend you to anyone that believes in the healing power of CBD. Let's continue to help WV thrive and small businesses grow in the hills of WV! ✌️

--- Natisha

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I've been taking your CBD drop for almost two weeks. And I LOVE it! For a couple of reasons. First, it tastes so much better than other drops I was taking, second, I don't know if it's your drops, but I seem to have more energy and more importantly, I feel like I am just happier.

--- Debbie