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The medicine of nature and  human connectivity.

We are all connected. Isn't that beautiful? 3

Sometimes, I really believe that we as humans forget to dive deeper into the conceptual elements of what it means to be human.  When we decided to start this business, I wanted to make sure I was 1. Making a difference 2. Promoting a sustainable future, and 3. Stressing human reflection.  Do you know how absolutely astonishing it is that you are here? Floating on a ball in an immense universe that somehow influenced a perfect space for life to happen.  To us, this means that we are more than connected with the universe and Mother Earth, we are deeply related.  We share the same energy. We chose the name Moon Flower, because of the scientific and spiritual connections between humans and the universe. Moon— the decision-maker of the tides in the ocean, sharing a womanly cycle, influence of the best harvest times and something that lights up darkness.  Flower— the physical, it grows and progresses, it heals, it is resilient, it is grounding.


Our product is not only derived from the earth but also allows our human selves to make time for healthy reflection. We should question reality, we should appreciate our being, we should take time to heal, we should respect the planet and we should always believe that we are capable of making a difference.

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