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Moon Brews are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a vision. Choose your own adventure with our range of dosage options, from the serene 25mg CBD (THC-Free) for a non-psychoactive escape, to elevated 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, and 50mg Delta-9 THC dosage options.


These products aren't just beverages; they're an invitation to reimagine your recreational experiences. Explore the concept of buildable doses for your night out, offering a novel alternative to traditional drinking. Whether it's a day on the lake, star gazing, or a quiet evening at home, our Moon Beverages promise to elevate every moment, introducing a new era in cannabis-infused refreshments.


CBD is not psychoactive.  Consumable CBD products are made in easy doses.  This is an amazing daily dose.  Great for daytime use and moderate aliments

5mg D9 DOSE

If you are new to THC or just prefer a dose that is both mild and functional- this is would be a great option for you.  Taking this low of a dose is great for folks who sometimes get uncomfortable when consuming THC.   These products are a great daily dose.​

10mg D9 DOSE

If you prefer a dose that is apparent in its psychoactive effects but not overwhelming, taking this medium dose would be a great option for you. These gummies pair amazingly with outdoor activities and social gatherings.  This dose is for folks who have experience with cannabis but do not want to get ~stoned~.

20mg D9 DOSE

If you prefer a dose with very noticeable psychoactive effects, taking this high dose would be a great option. These gummies pair great with creating art and watching a funny movie.  This dose is for folks who have experience with cannabis and fully understand its effects.

50mg D9 DOSE

This dose is for experienced cannabis users ONLY.  Go on a nice picnic by the water with your favorite person and share one of these with your best pal for a fun and colorful afternoon.

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