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Bud Butter CBD Wellness Peanut Butter for Dogs

We love to design and produce products that are effective, all-around, for your body and mind. We also love dogs. A lot. And we know you guys care about your pet’s health just as much as your own (if not more).

We’ve had so much success with our “Pet Tincture” and our “Paw Balm” but we felt something was missing from our furry friends' product line. Thus, Bud Butter was born.

Watching your dog lick peanut butter off a spoon is one of life’s simple pleasures. But what if you knew that at the same time they’re enjoying a tasty treat, they’re also loading up on vitamins, CBD, and nutrients designed for THEIR body and mind? Along with our premium, self-grown CBD oil, Bud Butter includes a “Superfood Supplement” that promotes skin and coat health, healthy joints, and a healthy digestive system. Our third ingredient is organic fish oil, which improves brain development, lubricates joints, and soothes dry skin.

We have Bud Butter options for:

You wouldn't believe the number of things that this jar of peanut butter does! The CBD and fur-baby-specific vitamins aids car sickness, separation anxiety, restless sleep, aching bones/joints, any sort of infection or inflammation… the list goes on and on. Now, it’s as easy as giving your dog a spoonful of “medicine” that they LOVE to eat! Put Bud Butter on your dog’s treats, mix it with their food, or give it to them straight from the jar!!

I’m currently raising a 13-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy, who has earned the nickname “Evil Boy” due to his velociraptor-like behavior, and his knack for eating/destroying the things I love most. Teaching him his manners for the past few weeks has been a full-time job, and I have to credit BUD BUTTER for keeping me alive and sane!!! This stuff is a fix-all! He used to always throw up in the car, no matter how short the ride was. But since I started giving him Bud Butter, he just looks out the window and

wags his tail. When I have to leave him in his crate, I just put the Bud Butter inside a bone and freeze it for an hour. When I give it to him, I find comfort in knowing that, not only does it give him something to do— but after he’s done licking it, he sleeps like a baby!! This stuff makes puppy-parenting so much easier. Also— the CBD helps with the soreness of teething! Look how cute he is?

On the flip side, my sister is the mother of a 10-year-old mutt, Stevie. She’s a grumpy old lady that we call “Skelo-Steve”— she’s the epitome of achy joints and old bones. The CBD Bud Butter helps Stevie’s arthritis so much, that she gets up to play as she did in her prime. Senior dogs benefit so much from this!

An important thing to remember… (for yourself too!!) Keeping CBD in the system consistently, and including it in your daily routine works like a super vitamin. By giving your dog Bud Butter, you’ll build their immune system and make their bodies less susceptible to bacteria, infection, inflammation, etc. I’ve been giving my puppy Bud Butter since I first got him (in small doses of course) and I really believe it will help him in the long run to fight illnesses and disease. ️If you’ve got any questions about dosing, please feel free to shoot us a message! We would also love to see your dog.

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