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Moon Brews

Introducing our cannabis-infused lavender lemonade line, now available nationwide. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Moon Brew encapsulates the cannabis experience sprinkled with a touch of glittery magic. Choose your own adventure with our range of dosage options, from the serene 25mg CBD (THC-Free) for a non-psychoactive escape, to the meticulously balanced 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg Delta-9 THC variants. This fan-favorite, once confined to the realms of our storefront, has now spread its wings and is ready to captivate taste buds across all 50 states.

Our lavender lemonades aren't just beverages; they're an invitation to reimagine your recreational experiences. Explore the concept of buildable doses for your night out, offering a novel alternative to traditional drinking. Whether it's a day on the lake, star gazing, or a quiet evening at home, our Brews promise to elevate every moment, introducing a new era in cannabis-infused refreshments.

Dose by Dose: A Personalized Adventure

Serenity in a Sip: Experience ultimate relaxation with our THC-free option, boasting 25mg of pure CBD. Non-psychoactive and ideal for those navigating drug tests, or who are not interested in a psychoactive experience.

Take the Edge Off: Ease into the world of cannabis with our 5mg Delta-9 THC option—a perfect introduction for beginners or folks looking to take the edge off. We also want this dose to be known as a "buildable dose" replacing alcohol on a night out. If you enjoy a 20mg dose, what better way to enjoy that than sipping on your 5mg 4-pack throughout the night?

Balanced Intensity: Elevate your journey with the 10mg Delta-9 THC infusion—a

balanced dose for those seeking a bit more intensity. Immerse yourself in the experience as you sip and savor.

For the Seasoned Explorer: Crafted for the most seasoned enthusiasts, our 20mg Delta-9 THC variant promises a euphoric and uplifting experience. Handle with care as you delve into the depths of this higher dose.

Buildable Doses: A New Approach to Your Night Out

Much like selecting the right drink at the bar or bringing your favorite 6 pack to your friend's house party, our lavender lemonades offer buildable doses, allowing you to curate your perfect experience for a night out and drink right along with your friends without the hangover. Mix and match to create a journey that resonates with your mood and preferences.

Recommended Activities: Unconventional Pairings

Swap the norm for extraordinary experiences with our lavender lemonades:

  • Nature's Embrace: Enhance your day on the lake or snowboarding adventure with a can in hand. Let the great outdoors become the backdrop to a unique alcohol-free escape.

  • Social Outings: Revolutionize your social gatherings with our Moon Brews, the perfect alcohol alternative. Now, you can partake in all the traditional drinking games, savoring the fun without the harmful effects of alcohol. Whether it's beer pong, flip cup, or your favorite card game, our elixir lets you join in the merriment while enjoying a refreshing buzz. Say goodbye to the aftereffects of alcohol and hello to a new era of socializing, where every sip enhances the experience without compromise.

  • Intimate Evenings: Trade your glass of wine for a lavender lemonade during date nights. Let Moon Brews set the mood for romance and connection while stimulating conversation.

Join the Moon Brew Revolution

More than a drink, it's a new approach to drinking. Elevate your moments, embrace the flavors, and let the magic unfold—one can at a time.

Note: For those ordering online, please consume responsibly and in accordance with local laws. Must be 21 or older to purchase.

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