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Why Is Our Shipping $7?

As most of you may have noticed, our shipping cost is $7. There have been concerns raised about this amount and we wanted to address those.

First things first, all Moon Flower Orders are shipped via 2 day, priority shipping to ensure quality control and to get your order to your doorstep as fast as possible. For this alone, each order shipped out costs, on average, around $6.60. If you do not believe that here are our shipping receipts from the past two days.

For years, Moon Flower offered free shipping to its customers. No matter the weight of the package, no matter the distance that package was traveling, we paid for shipping. Outside of our payroll, shipping was our biggest expenditure.

Since the economy has taken a nose dive, inflation has increased to historic levels, and the state of West Virginia implemented an 11% privilege tax on our business, Moon Flower has never increased its prices on any product. To explain this even further, an 11% privilege tax cannot be charged on the receipt of any purchase and has to be paid out of pocket by Moon Flower. This 11% is in addition to the 6% WV state sales tax and the 1% Buckhannon City tax totaling to a whopping 18% of our profits being paid to Uncle Sam. Despite this, again, Moon Flower has never increased its prices on any product.

Instead of increasing our prices, we decided that it was time that we just simply did not offer free shipping any longer.

As you can see we are not inflating our shipping charges. We are simply charging what the PO charges for priority shipping and allowing that to help offset what used to fall completely on our company. In fact, after factoring in the packaging supplies and the free product that we give to our loyal customers, we continue to lose money. But now, that loss is a bit easier to swallow and the money we use to spend while offering free shipping can be used to help us with our outrageous taxes and an ever changing economy.

We like to keep it real here at Moon Flower and will always stay transparent with our customer base. Thank you to everyone who has stayed on this journey despite small changes that we have made to help us continue growing, thriving and expanding as West Virginias most popular cannabis brand.

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I completely understand the reasons for charging for shipping and do not begrudge the increase. However, since inflation has gone down considerably, I don't agree with the statement that it is a related cause. I love your products and the fact that you are an all women family business. I will continue to get my edibles from Moon Flower. Thanks.

Moon Flower CBD
Moon Flower CBD
16 de fev.
Respondendo a

We appreciate your continued support. It truly means the world to us. As far as inflation goes, we know our truth for this industry specifically and that is all that we are speaking on. The prices of the ingredients of our gummies have increased dramatically over the course of being operational. Heres the breakdown of that alone in 2021 vs 2024:

Flavored Gelatin







$100/case of 12

$201/case of 12

Karo Syrup



❤️ just trying to shed light on something that you may not see. Every industry is different though! :)

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