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All About Our Mood Food Pre Rolls

Being a part of Moon Flower, traveling as a vendor, and constantly informing others on the details of our products, I’m often asked which product I would recommend for someone wanting to get into the world of CBD. Some people have specific needs they want to be met with our products, and some are just interested in exploring the different effects of cannabis. The one product I can always recommend to cover ~just about~ anything is our Mood Food Preroll set.

Our Mood Food line is a top-seller, as customers can dabble in the effects of FIVE different cannabinoid + terpene blends, achieving specific moods and needs— Passion, Awake, Focus, Relax, and Sleep.

If you are comfortable using smokeable products, the Mood Food Pre-rolls provide relief, relaxation, and help all across the board. Each pack comes with five 1 gram joints, all different and corresponding with our 5 Moods, totaling to 5 grams of flower. Every Mood Food joint is rolled with an additional herb to provide a dual-action, kick ass combo.

Passion blends our CBD flower with rose petals, which help create a lively mind and body. It is great for stimulating conversation, intimacy and beyond. Rose petals are known for reducing anxiety, soothing menstrual cramps, and for their aphrodisiac qualities.

Focus is rolled combining our CBD flower with peppermint leaves, known to focus the mind and settle the body. You will feel more alert, energized and ready to take on tasks. Peppermint has been found to improve memory and alertness as well as providing nausea and pain relief. These joints are great for computer work or creating art.

Awake contains CBD flower and Mullein flower, which lightens the mind and body to a euphoric and stress-free state. Not only is mullein great for heightening your senses and energy, but also but things like inflammation, a cough and congestion. Pair this joint up with running errands or going on a hike.

Sleep is rolled combining our CBG flower with a fan-favorite, chamomile, helping to ease the mind and sedate the body. Chamomile is known to reduce anxiety, help with digestion and even clear up skin irritations. Works great for making the eyelids heavy for a great, full-night rest. Smells floral and comforting.

Relax merges our CBG flower and lavender petals, which produce a calm mind and put the body at ease. Along with its calming effects, lavender is also believed reduce blood pressure, combat fungal growth and even lesson hot flashes! Harmonious with meditation, yoga or settling in for a movie night.

If you’re interested in experiencing he diverse ways cannabis can help you, I really recommend giving those a shot. They taste and smell amazing, and can be shared with friends!! Check them out here.

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