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All About Our New Smokables


Our 2020 grow season was a success, and all of our flower is harvested, dried, and cured. This Friday (October 30th) we will be dropping our all NEW smokable line! In joints and eighths (3.5 grams) we will be offering a selection of smokable products consisting of our 2020 strains:

-Special Sauce

-Green Lightning

-The White (CBG)

We have raised these plants from seeds, and we are extremely excited to get them out to you guys. You’re going to LOVE them— plus the new packaging for your “Groovy Herbal Experience”.

Read a bit about our 3 new strains!!!

SPECIAL SAUCE- is an all-around calming strain. This strain is great for ~sleep~ and all-around relaxation. Smoke this in the evening when you’re ready to chill out, and/or before bed when you’re ready for a gooood night’s rest. Get comfy and drift off quickly. The nugs are bright green and covered in orange hairs. 🌛💚

GREEN LIGHTNING- works great for putting your ~mind~ at ease. After just a few hits you’ll experience a head change and a strong sense of clear-headedness. This strain is great for morning/daytime use, allowing you to function cool and collected throughout your day. You’ll be ready to take on the world. These nugs are a deep green, and they smell like fruit. ⚡️🍓

The White- is a strain were especially excited about because it’s cannabinoid count is primarily CBG. We’ve done a lot of research on CBG to learn it is ESPECIALLY helpful for inflammation, nausea, and even works to slow cancer cells. Smoking CBG gives almost entirely a body effect, making this a primary strain for ~pain~ in your body. It won’t slow you down by making you tired; You’ll be amazed by how effective it is for treating physical discomforts. The nugs are covered in frost (AKA Trichomes)


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