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Hey You, Vote. (For People Who Support Cannabis)

IT’S ELECTION SEASON!!! The time of the year to get out and exercise our right to vote for change in America. While the madness of politics can be overwhelming, we like to stay focused on the finer things— like cannabis. :)

35 of 50 states have legalized medical marijuana. In addition, 11 states have legalized recreational marijuana to those over the age of 21. The time has come for the cannabis prohibition to end.

On November 3rd, South Dakota, Montana, New Jersey, and Arizona will be voting for recreational legalization in their states. South Dakota and Mississippi will be voting on medical legalization. While our company is based in West Virginia, we encourage our customers and followers in these states to VOTE VOTE VOTE!

We’re not here to tell you ~who~ to vote for, but we strongly encourage you to do some research regarding the legalization stance those on your ballot are taking! While we aren’t quite approaching federal legalization of marijuana, 35/50 states have taken the initiative to make a change in these laws! These numbers will only grow, and we’re well over half-way there.

A Pew Research Center study from September of 2019 showed that 67% of Americans are in favor of marijuana legalization, and 91% feel it should be available for those who’ve been prescribed by their doctor. If you believe the same, it’s time to research your candidate’s views on the matter, and MAKE IT TO THE POLLS!


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