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Moon Honey

We finally dropped a product that we’ve been thinking about for MONTHS. We’ve got bees on the farm, we’ve got plans for an upcoming tea line, we’ve got copious amounts of CBD and Delta-8 THC… something was missing. Finally— Moon Flower Honey. <3

We’re now offering two different versions of our medicated, locally-sourced honey.

    We have a CBD jar dosed at 10mg per teaspoon…

and (for the first time) we’re offering a product that combines both CBD + Delta-8 THC!! Our CBD/D8 honey offers 25mg of cannabinoids per teaspoon (15mg D8, 10mg CBD) providing a perfect, manageable blend for early mornings or late nights.


Apart from being delicious, this honey brings so much to the table. It’s sourced locally from Upshur County in West Virginia, from bees that were raised and treated like royalty. Many of our bees swarmed left their hives on our farm this past fall, so we turned to our trusty bee-mentor Nolan for help. The honey he provided us, from his own hives, is full of WV love and earthly nourishment. If you’re a WV local, this honey will especially help with your seasonal allergies!!

In addition, combining CBD and honey works to soothe a sore throat, reduce inflammation in the body, and has anti-bacterial properties to help your body fight illnesses and infections. All of that from a cup of tea?

    We are so excited to see what you guys come up with, as we know you love to channel your creative energy into using our products. Someone please make a honey-garlic wing sauce and let us know how it goes. Imagine bringing D8 honey to the family cookout…

   Put it in your drinks, make glazed cookies, drizzle some on your toast… the possibilities are endless. Truthfully, I’ve just been eating it straight from the jar.

    Thank you, Nolan, thank you Bees, thank you Moon Flower customers for making it all happen. We are so excited to share this product with you.

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