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Not All CBD Is Created Equal

We believe Moon Flower is unique for the many ways we set ourselves apart from our competitors. We often describe our company as sustainable and female-owned, with a large emphasis on the fact that we operate from “Seed-to-Sale.” This term means that the CBD we use was grown by us from seed, extracted, processed, and made into the products you purchase. The same CBD you consume/use in your gummies, tinctures, salves, etc. was planted and raised by our team members. We think that’s super cool.

Generally, the CBD products you see on the market are made by companies that purchase their extracted oil from processors or bulk oil sales. They buy the CBD from distributors to put into their products. While this works for a lot of businesses, we wanted to go full-force and give the entire process a shot. So instead of buying CBD oil from wholesalers, we decided to buy 8,000 seeds and grow it ourselves. We built an exceptional crew that worked and learned together. And when the plants were grown, we harvested them, and with the help of our team, extracted the cannabinoids from our plants.

Seed to Sale, we raised the hemp and created our ever-growing product line. My sister Riley and I, the owners of Moon Flower, were always passionate about mental health and natural remedies. With a total love for the plant, we knew when we started the business that we wanted to see through the entire process. It is so important to us that YOU know where your ‘medicine’ is coming from. It is also extremely rewarding to know that the CBD that helps our customers daily was planted and raised by us. No secrets, no wondering—just transparency and relief.

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