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Pairing our Vapes:

When crafting our new line of Moon Vapes, we wanted to find a way to provide desired effects in all sorts of different scenarios. We wanted to create a more individualized experience compared to different cannabis vapes on the market. We thought the best way to make our vision possible was to mimic our Mood Food line, which has been enjoyed by so many using our teas and our tinctures. We’re offering a boost to six different “Moods”— Awake, Focus, Passion, Relax, Sleep, and Relief. They can be used individually for their own unique variety of activities and pairings. Here’s a little breakdown for each:


-cocoa & peppermint-

Cannabinoid breakdown— (Delta-8: 675mg, CBD: 225mg, Flavors/Terpenes: 100mg)

*Suggested pairings: deep conversations, board game and wine nights, physical/emotional intimacy

—This pen has been our most popular, by far, due to the high potency effects and the amazing flavor. Passion is so versatile— it can be used anytime day or night, for all sorts of conversation and activities. This one would make for a perfect gift for your significant other!


-peppermint & cucumber-

Cannabinoid breakdown— (Delta-8: 510mg, CBD: 340mg, Flavors/Terpenes: 150mg)

*Suggested pairings: cleaning/organizing, meditation, painting/drawing

—This vape is a team favorite, we keep one on the table at the office to get everyone through their work days. The heavy dose of peppermint allows for a breath of fresh air that clears your headspace instantly. Not that we’re directly promoting smoking and studying, but it does make an awesome library partner. ;)


-green tea & blood orange-

Cannabinoid breakdown— (Delta-8: 480mg, CBD: 320mg, Flavors/Terpenes: 200mg)

*Suggested pairings: hiking, running errands, yoga

—We get questions ALL THE TIME about which product would be best for ‘daytime use.’ Now, we have the perfect option!! This pen works like a charm motivating you to start your day. When your alarm goes off, take a little puff, and your feet will hit the ground running.


-lavender & vanilla-

Cannabinoid breakdown— (Delta-8: 340mg, CBG: 510mg, Flavors/Terpenes: 150mg)

*Suggested pairings: beach days, movie nights, stargazing

—Our products help so many people combat their daily struggle with anxiety, and we think that the Relax pen is going to absolutely change the game. Although our gummies work amazing for anxiousness, we understand that instantaneous effects are an important factor. These vapes allow for fast relief, right there in your pocket.


-blueberry & honey-

Cannabinoid breakdown— (Delta-8: 340mg, CBG: 298mg, CBN: 212mg, Flavors/Terpenes: 150mg)

*Suggested pairings: sleep, sleep, sleep

—INSOMNIA is the common theme with so many of our customers. We get emails daily, “I can’t fall asleep” and “I can’t stay asleep”… the Sleep vape offers a fun and effective solution. Keep it on your bedside table, and allow yourself to drift off into the best slumber of your life. Bring it along to hotels, long road trips— anywhere you need extra help getting rest!


-hemp & pine-

Cannabinoid breakdown— (CBD: 297mg, CBG: 387mg, CBC: 216mg, Flavors/Terpenes: 100mg)

*Suggested pairings: menstruation bff, morning after a long night out, sick day home from work

—Our Relief pen is the only option in the Moon Vape line that offers no psychoactive effects. There’s no Delta-8 THC, just CBD, CBG, and CBC goodness. This makes it extremely versatile, and effective for soooo many different uses: joint/muscle pain, PMS symptoms, nausea, the list goes on and on. It’s like having a giant supply of (natural) Tylenol on the go.

Navigating our vapes is as easy as it gets— they’re all-in-one. We decided to go with a disposable set-up so that our customers could enjoy them without buying anything extra. They should arrive to you with enough charge to last through at least the beginning of your Moon Vape experience. However, if the battery should die for some reason, there’s a charging port on the bottom, under a little silicone cover! They take a standard micro USB charger. Apart from that, you just put your mouth around the pen and inhale! No buttons, the pen is powered by your breath. We recommend a 2-3 second draw for beginners, until you become comfortable and familiar with the effects. Once you get a feel for it, smoke as needed.

We believe the variety of pens will make it easier for us to get our customers the exact relief and outcome they’re looking for, in a fast and efficient way. These vapes will change the game for us in the sense that they offer instantaneous effects, helping people have access to cannabinoids in a whole new way. We want to hear your testimonies, and see the many ways you’re using your Moon Vapes! Whether you’re smoking the Relax around a campfire with your buddies, or if you’re using your Awake pen while you make yourself breakfast— we hope you’re loving them as much as we do.

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