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The Moon Flower Storefront

Read until the end for a surprise...

Our Moon Flower storefront has been in the works for muchhhhh longer than we anticipated. But, it’s true what they say— good things take time. This won’t just be somewhere to come and buy our products, it will be somewhere you can come to experience our company. We are passionate about community, mental/physical well-being, and maximizing your quality of life. All of these things will be reflected here in their own special ways.

Community is the one thing we’re most excited about. Not only will we get to share our journey with the city of Buckhannon, but finally after three years, we will get to meet our one-of-a-kind Moon Flower community. Operating solely online had its perks, but we’ve always wished we could meet you face to face. We have so many people supporting us that we’ve only gotten the opportunity to talk with over email, Facebook, and Instagram. Now we can really be friends. :) As far as locals right here in Upshur County, Riley and I can't wait to connect and reconnect with our biggest supporters in our hometown. We were raised here, and it feels so cool to be able to provide a new space on Main Street for people to enjoy. The outpouring of community support we’ve received in the past three years has been the highlight of our journey, and we can’t thank you enough. Come talk to us. :)

Apart from being able to purchase everything we sell on our website, we will have tons of things exclusive to our storefront. We’ll be offering infused baked goods, made fresh daily by our kick-ass chef, Katie. Anything from cake pops and brownies to cookies and pies. The opportunities are endless, and the menu will be ever-rotating. (We have virgin options too!) We’ll also feature cannabis-infused mocktails made in-house. Coming in all sorts of colors, flavors, and dosage options— these drinks will provide the perfect pick-me-up or calm-me-down for your mornings, days, or evenings.

All products and infused selections aside, Moon Flower will be somewhere you can hang out and enjoy your Moon experience. We’ve created a zen but playful environment, where nature meets the cosmos. You can interact with our installations, share your wisdom, play board games, watch our hemp plants grow, talk with our Moon Team, enjoy munchies, and just vibe. We are an extension of your living room, and we hope you come hang with us. There should be lots of seating to choose from, making it a perfect spot for dates, girl’s night, study sessions, and lunch break with co-workers.

On Fridays, we are going to host all sorts of unique events, all fueled by our infused goodies and immersive environment. We will have plenty of live music, game nights, puff-and-paints, cake walks, cooking competitions, speed dating, cannabis workshops— the list goes on and on.

Moon Flower is beyond excited to announce that our Grand Opening date is officially SET! Come see us on March 31st at our brand-spankin' new space. There will be more details about specific hours and activities for that day to come.

We can't wait to share this space with so many cool people every day. Opening our doors has been a long time coming, and now that its ~actually~ almost here, you can feel extra excitement in the air every day at work. <3

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Wish Moon Flower Hemp was closer to me, I would love to visit your new store front and try a mocktail cocktail ! I’m also excited to try the Delta 9 products because I prefer an uplifting buzz as in the sativa strains. And the Moon Candy 🍬 in Butterscotch is a treat to enjoy anytime.

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