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To Our THC Users:

As someone that uses marijuana ~daily~ but also co-owns a CBD company… I’ve really learned the great things CBD and THC can do together.

If I had a dime for every time someone told me, “I’d rather just smoke the real stuff” I could retire at 21. Truthfully, I prefer THC too. THC is the Earth’s sweet nectar. However, CBD and THC both come from the cannabis plant, so stoners really have to stop sleeping on using different cannabinoids!!

I have crippling anxiety that, I’ve found, is best treated with THC. However, although it normally works, there are times that I smoke and my anxiety worsens. That sucks, and if you know what this is like you can surely relate. I learned that by adding CBD to my THC (aka weed)— It almost completely takes away that feeling of paranoia that you sometimes get from getting high. The CBD overrides the negative effects of THC, and I no longer have to worry about paranoia and a speedy heart rate— CBD relaxes me while the THC stimulates my mind. It is truly the shit.

Weed smokers!!! I really think you should try adding CBD to your bowl/joint. It really does add to the experience. Hungover? Add CBD to your wake & bake bowl and you’ll be feeling healthier than an apple. It’s science, folks. The more cannabinoids, the better. Can’t sleep? Add CBD to your “goodnight” bowl and you’ll sleep like a mf toddler.

The best part, which I think is really important— cutting your regular bowls/joints with a ratio of CBD and THC will help you conserve your weed!! It will last so much longer! Who doesn’t want that?

My point is, if you’re a stoner and you think CBD is just ‘virgin weed’ you need to do a Google search or two. CBD is just as helpful as THC, and combining them together is truly the recipe. There’s nothing a 1/2 CBD 1/2 THC bowl can’t do.

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