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World Mental Health Day

October 10th is World Mental Health Day. This year is unique, however, as it’s the first of its kind during a global pandemic. There is no doubt that the Corona Virus has had a direct impact on mental health across every country.

Even for people that didn’t previously struggle with their mental health, the pandemic has caused so many people anxiety, depression, grief, fear, etc. And as for many of those who were dealing with mental health issues before the pandemic, this past year has been a crisis.

Mental/Emotional strife can appear in so many different ways. Often times, isolation can be a fuel to these fires. Being in your house by yourself, having limited access outdoors, not having things to look forward to, being reluctant to visit your loved ones— all of these go hand in hand with the standards implemented after the COVID outbreak. Many of us have no choice but to stay home and wait. Having pre-existing problems with anxiety is only heightened with the fear of illness, catastrophe, and total change. And we are, of course, at the peak of election season. Campaigning being at full force has only turned the virus into something to divide us rather than bring us together. This global pandemic has been politicized to the point of such separation and hate. All of these things considered, this World Mental Health Day falls during a mental health crisis.

This is why we want to remind you, today and every other day, that it is absolutely VITAL to pay close attention to your mental wellbeing and do what it takes to put yourself at ease and to make yourself feel healthy. Take care of yourself. Consider what your mind and body need, and realize it is okay to be selfish. Step away from the news, from your twitter feed, and take time to appreciate the small things you do have right now.

Call loved ones you haven’t talked to in a while. Look at the trees, they’re exploding with color. Consider and pay attention to your mental state. Don’t neglect yourself. Talk to your doctor, talk to us about your best CBD options, take a nap. Meditate, pray... whatever helps you feel at ease. We’re all going through a lot, and this is the worst time to ignore the struggles your brain is experiencing.

This will not last forever. I promise you. Everyone is going through this together, and you can always find someone to talk to about what’s on your mind. And if you can’t— message us. Simple as that.

We love you, and we want YOU to love you. Whatever that may be, it’s worth it to pay yourself some attention.

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Debbie Martin
Debbie Martin
Oct 11, 2020

Love ya'll back. I'm enjoying my new strawberry lemonade ones. I just snapped on down. Peace out!✌✌✌❤

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