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You Don't Always Have To "work your way up"

Something that we help people with daily is “finding the perfect dose.” The benefits of cannabinoids can be experienced to their fullest when you find the dose that works right for you. Everyone is different— some folks just need a daily 10mg CBD, while some need 25mg D8 to feel relief + relaxation. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, we are always here to help guide you to the perfect recipe.

However, one thing we have seen on multiple occasions is people trying to “move up” their dosage and then experiencing discomfort from taking too much Delta-8 THC. If you want to increase your dosage, we always recommend taking it “low and slow” so your body has a chance to get adjusted to higher levels of THC in your system. Taking more than you’re used to all at once can absolutely give you a case of the scaries if you’re not ready.

This is why we want you to remember that you don’t ~always~ have to “move up” your dosage. If you find an amount that works for you, stick to it!

Unless your tolerance is rising and you’re not experiencing the same effects you used to on your preferred dose, stay where you’re comfortable.

If you’re trying to get a feel for your perfect dose and you have a negative experience with too much THC, note that this is your body telling you that it can’t handle that amount of Delta-8. Take it back down and slowly inch forward by halving or quartering any additional doses. If you’re just starting out, we recommend our 10mg D8 gummies or our 10mg Moon Candies! These are easy, low, and buildable doses that can help you figure out how much is “enough” for your body + mind.

Tips for finding your dosage:

  • You can always halve and quarter our gummies! Buying our pack of 10mg gummies adds the option of increasing by 5mg until your find the Goldilocks-zone.

  • Try taking your dose at different parts of your day! A gummy in the morning could be an entirely different experience from a gummy at night.

  • Experiment with taking your dose on an empty stomach vs. a full stomach. You may learn which time of day is best for you!

  • If you take too much, don’t panic!! Caffeine, CBD, water, a relaxing show, and a nice tune will help you out. Don’t fixate yourself on passing thoughts.

  • Doing a half-and-half combo with CBD and THC can be a total game changer.

Check out our "Dosage 101" page for tons of great information on cannabinoids, our products, and dosage!

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