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What Makes Our Vapes a Puff Above the Rest

Out of all the products we’ve brainstormed and created at Moon Flower, our vape pens are the one we’ve been working on the longest. We knew a Mood-Food-inspired, cannabinoid-packed, tasty vape pen line would be an amazing fit for our customers— and we wanted to make sure they were PERFECT before we released them to you. Finally, after countless weeks of trial and error, taste-testing, and box-folding by the thousands… we’re ready to share our creation with you.

Our vape line features six different “Moods” with corresponding cannabinoid combinations and unique flavors: AWAKE, FOCUS, PASSION, RELAX, SLEEP, and RELIEF.

Here are a few of the many things that make them different from the rest: (not in order of coolness).

They’re disposable!

Unlike most vapes on the market, we aren’t just offering a cartridge of oil. We’re offering the whole setup— a disposable, sleek, all-in-one pen that *doesn’t even need charged.* Although it can be charged with a micro USB, the vape should arrive with the perfect amount of charge to get you through the entire 1 gram experience.

They’re not cut— with anything!

Vape pens often include either Vitamin E, Propylene Glycol, or Vegetable Glycerin in order to “cut” the cannabis oil to reach a certain weight/potency. “Carts” have gotten a bad reputation from these additives due to heath concerns caused by smoking them. Our Moon Flower vape pens will have NO additives apart from cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanically-derived flavors.

They include different cannabinoid combinations!

As a team of folks that have smoked many cannabis vapes, we can agree that we’ve never experienced one with this unique attribute. Each pen includes a combo of cannabinoids corresponding with their “Mood.”

For example, SLEEP features CBG, CBN, and Delta-8 THC making it the perfect recipe for a good night’s rest. RELIEF includes CBD, CBG, and CBC to offer the best helping hand for all sorts of discomfort. RELAX is packed with CBG and Delta-8 THC to comfort and ease the body + mind.

At Moon Flower, we are big believers in the Entourage Effect. This is brought on by consuming multiple cannabinoids at once, allowing them to positively effect one another’s presence in your body. Basically— the more the merrier.

They taste AMAZING!

We went through so many test runs and team focus groups to find which flavor + terpene blend was most effective, tasty, and relevant to each specific “Mood.” The addition of terpenes add to the effects of the vapes, and they’re paired with botanically-derived flavors to allow for a really tasty experience.

Check out these pairings:

AWAKE (Cannabinoids, Blood Orange, Green Tea)

FOCUS (Cannabinoids, Cucumber, Peppermint)

RELAX (Cannabinoids, Lavender, Vanilla)

SLEEP (Cannabinoids, Blueberry, Honey)

PASSION (Cannabinoids, Cocoa, Peppermint)

RELIEF (Cannabinoids, Pine, Hemp)

They have different potency levels!

We have a customer base that varies in preference between psychoactive and non-psychoactive effects. We know that some of you enjoy purely medicinal effects with no ‘high’, some of you prefer just a little buzz, and lots of you love getting stoned. Taking this into consideration, each pen has different levels of cannabinoids to best suit your needs.

Our most “potent” vape (in a psychoactive sense) is our PASSION pen, which includes a high dose of Delta-8 and a lower dose of CBD to ensure the vibe is exactly where you want it to be. Our RELIEF vape includes NO Delta-8 THC, providing a non-psychoactive option to those uninterested in getting high.

Each vape selection is unique in it’s level of potency, leaving the option up to you.

Here’s how they rank in order of psychoactive potency:

This vape line is something that we’re beyond proud of; They’re a creation we truly cannot wait to share with you. We hope these Moon Flower pens provide you with a whole experience, lots of laughter, and the quality of life you deserve. Whether you keep one to use for emergency relief, or if you make them part of your daily routine— know that you have a piece of our farm in your pocket. :)

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Chris DeCorso
Chris DeCorso
04 nov. 2022

I’m so excited!!! Thank you so much and keep up the amazing work! :)

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