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How to Make the Most of Your D8 Experience.

Nothing adds a spark in your day quite like THC. If you’re a cannabis lover, you may know this to be true. D9 THC has been used for centuries to excite the mind, amplify the human experience, and to stimulate enough appetite to take down boxes and boxes of cereal. For whatever reason, idiots in charge a few decades ago took this luxury from us, because we’re all slaves to society and they don’t want us to feel enjoyment. Thus, the marijuana prohibition was born and THC was stripped from the hands of people across America. However, it’s 2021 and we found a way to continue using THC through the 2018 Farm Bill. Let us all give thanks to D9 THC’s slightly less potent cousin… ~DELTA 8 THC~. Delta 8 THC still offers lots of laughter, euphoria, appetite enhancement, and A++ sleep— all without the worry of being arrested/fined/imprisoned. Along with this Delta-8 has many medicinal properties, such as: reducing nausea, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. It is LEGAL, it gets you feeling wavy, and has lots of medicinal benefits!! Woohoo!!

Moon Flower offers D8 in the form of edibles— our amazing 10mg Sour Blue Razz Gummies, 25mg Grape Eight gummies, 50mg Super Sour Watermelon gummies and even a 100mg D8 Fruity Cereal Bar.

However, D8 can be smoked, dabbed, and ingested, much like “regular THC” (Delta 9) (illegal) (da best). If you’re new to THC, know that when you use it, you’re going to feel ~some type of awesome way~ if you’re in a relaxed environment, with people you feel comfortable around, and ready to experience something cool. In the right headspace, Delta 8 will cause sore muscles in your face because you’re smiling so damn hard. But, once you’ve taken/smoked it, what now? Do you just sit and stare? Sure. But

here’s a list of other things you can do while high off D8, to ensure you’re having the most fun possible. These activities/ideas pair really, really well with Delta 8 THC. Trust me, you should give one or three of these a shot.

1.) Use play-dough to construct a brand new, undiscovered species of bug. Give it a name, and a special power.

2.) Watch the Game Show Network, and pretend that you’re the contestant(s). See how far you would get, and how well you’d do at Family Feud while you’re stoned.

3.) Stare into the eyes of your pet. You will see them in a light you’ve never experienced. I swear.

4.) Stand in the shower, close your eyes, and put your head under the faucet (?) thing. Imagine you’re in the rainforest during a downpour. This sh*t is my favorite.

5.) Eat absolutely everything. Try different food combinations, get creative. One time I was stoned and sprinkled a Kool-Aid packet on mango slices and strawberries. I can’t make this up. It was intense and extraordinary.

6.) Have sex. You’ll be feeling things you never imagined you could feel. If you’re single/lonely… get creative. The world is your oyster.

7.) Go outside and sit somewhere. Close your eyes and think of each of your senses. Pay attention to what you smell, and how many different things you can hear. The birds, the wind, and even the traffic have never sounded so good. What do you feel? This one is my favorite, shout out to #7.

8.) Adult coloring books. Enough said. Get the 64 pack of crayons— the one with the sharpener on the back.

9.) Go to the pool, the river, the ocean… SWIM! This is a next-level experience. You will feel like a mermaid/merman. I’m serious. Especially going underwater— it doesn’t even feel real. Please make sure you can swim though, remember you’re high.

10.) Plant something. Think about the fact that you can literally put a seed in the dirt and an entire plant will grow. What even is that? That’s nuts to me. Go plant a tree and then stare at the soil and think about what you just did. A mf tree.

There are ENDLESS ways to get the most out of your D8 experience. Just remember, being high off THC amplifies the human experience. Even doing normal, everyday tasks will feel brand new, and you’ll find an appreciation for the little steps in your day. Treat yourself + have a play date with your mind. If you’re new to THC, start small and work your way up until you’ve found the perfect dosage for yourself. D8 can be enjoyed with friends, your significant other, your mom (if she’s cool), or by yourself. Whoever you’re with, wherever you are— I hope it helps you to appreciate small things in

life. Even if it’s the Game Show Network.

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