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Full Spectrum CBD vs Isolate

A term we use very often to describe our CBD oil: Full Spectrum. This is a unique characteristic of our company, and I wanted to elaborate a little further! The hemp plant provides us with handfuls of different cannabinoids. People are generally most familiar with THC and CBD. The plants we grow have high percentages of CBD, and we extract that CBD oil from the plant using CO2 Extraction. When we separate the CBD from the plant itself, along comes the other great cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBN, CBG, and (>0.3%) THC. Because we do not split up the CBD from these other cannabinoids, our oil is deemed “full spectrum.” If we were to separate the CBD by itself, this would be referred to as “isolate.”

We chose to produce full-spectrum oil because we believe in all the great benefits each cannabinoid provides. CBDA, for example, has shown to treat nausea the best, out of every other cannabinoid—even CBD. Having full-spectrum oil allowed us to include CBDA into our “Nausea Tincture.” In addition, CBN shows strong anti-bacterial effects. Among many other great cannabinoids included in our oil, these in particular make it so effective and versatile.

Another important thing to consider—THC. In non-legalized states, the regulation on THC content in oil requires less than 0.3% percent. While we emphasize that we are compliant to these laws, but there is still a concentration of THC in our oil—even though it is minuscule. We cherish and admire the positive benefits THC brings. However, because our oil is full-spectrum, using it may cause you to fail a drug test, testing for the presence of THC. (yes we think this is stupid too, due to its extremely small presence)

Keep this in mind!!! While we have a love for the amazing effects of CBD itself, we couldn’t leave out the spectrum of additional cannabinoids that make our products so great!

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