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Why we are transitioning SOME of our products from D8-D9:

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

As many of you know, Moon Flower recently brought on an entire line of Delta-9 THC Gummies. Previously, we were only able to offer Delta-8 THC and CBD. As we try to evolve with the changing legislature in WV and cannabis market, we finally made the decision to showcase a cannabinoid we’ve wanted to offer since the beginning. We no longer want to be forced to worry about the laws in this state, as most of our West Virginia representatives fight against the hemp industry in a plethora of ways.

While still trying to offer D8 in as many capacities as we still can, some of our THC products are soon going to transition from D8 to D9 THC. This will include our Moon Bars, Moon Candy (aka Tarts), and Moon Honey. Our line of VAPES will still feature Delta-8 and their original formulations. Our Delta-8 gummies and Moon Candy will still be offered. The drinks and baked goods offered in our storefront will feature CBD or Delta-9.

Because D9 THC is legal in quantities <0.3% by weight, it is protected by federal law. Even though Delta-9 is slightly more expensive for us to extract, it’s a much simpler process.

We encourage our D8 customers and cannabis first-timers to give our D9 products a try! Compared to D8, it’s more manageable to use throughout the day (in lower doses) and induces a euphoric and giggly high. We’re over the moon excited to hear your feedback!!
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